Meet Bay County judge candidate: Hoot Crawford

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Hoot Crawford is running for Bay County judge against incumbent Tim Campbell.

Who is Hoot Crawford?

Crawford is proud to be a 26-year Bay County resident.

He wants to make Bay County a better place for his grandkid and for the children of the future by increasing the efficiency of the Bay County courts.

He worked on the frontlines through Hurricane Michael and feels huge injustice for all the Hurricane Michael cases not yet settled.

He says he is dedicated to serving justice through hard work by and for the people.

His service dog is an Australian Shepherd named Brulée.

What do you want to see change?

“What I want to see change is people not having to park on that bench and wait years for justice.”

Crawford says opponent and incumbent judge Tim Campbell is to blame for ignoring the 55 open cases from Hurricane Michael and more than 3,000 open cases since the 1980s, using the small claims rule as an excuse, as opposed to a larger problem in the judicial system.

“He can blame Michael, he cane blame COVID, he can blame the other judges, he can run around and try to blame the everybody in the world, but it’s him that did it,” Crawford said. “He cashed $1.5 million in checks to sit on cases.”

What is your take on police reform?

All officers should wear body cameras. This will protect both civilians and officers from unjust prosecution.

“We can all watch the video and see what happened.”

Can marijuana be prosecuted under Florida Law?

“Can it? Yes it can, it’s still against the law,” Crawford said. “Do we need to be wasting a whole bunch of time on it and whole bunch of police officers? I don’t think so. We’ve got bigger fish to fry around here.”

Closing remarks:

“Let’s move on a get somebody down there that cares about people,” Crawford said. “When we show up, we’re going to do something.”

“The judge should be working for the people, not himself.”

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