PANAMA CITY, Fla. — A downtown business has a new team member and he’s a huge hit with customers.

Meet Terri.

Terri wandered into Mosey’s on Grace Avenue a few weeks ago, shortly after the nightspot reopened from it’s Hurricane Michael damages.

The cat walked in with some patrons and decided to stay.

Mosey’s owner Judd Manuel took to Terri’s sweet disposition and decided to make the feline a permanent member of the family.

Manuel wasn’t the only one. A staff member at the neighboring tattoo parlor liked Terri so much they built him a mini-Mosey’s to call his own.

“Justin told me, he said ‘man, I’ve been staying up every night thinking about this, I’m so glad you asked I already know exactly what to do, I have a plan.’ And so, he built it do look exactly like Mosey’s,” Manuel told our reporter. “I’ve still got to paint it with the original exterior paint, but he did a fantastic job. I did not expect it to be like that.”

Judd is encouraging downtown businesses to adopt strays.

You can even follow Terri the cat on Instagram here.