BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — In the next two months, a community center at the Majette Disc Golf Course will be finished and open for community members.

County officials said they hope the community center will house farmer’s markets and be a gathering place for residents. But those won’t be its only functions. 

“Bay County had lost a community center,” Bay County Chief Infrastructure Officer Keith Bryant said. “We also lost a record storage building. So we just kind of combine those. This is a multi-function building. It’s a hardened facility. So it can also be used as a shelter.”

Bryant said the center will be able to house public works employees responding to a future hurricane in eastern Bay County.

“The best thing you can do is house your employees in-house while the storms are coming in where you can respond instantly,” Bryant said. 

After Hurricane Michael, the county struggled to get workers through debris and into eastern Bay County.

“When Hurricane Michael was advancing on the county, we chose to send our employees home and we sent them home with trucks and chainsaws and straps,” Bryant said.

But he said that wouldn’t be an issue with this center, which can withstand Category-Five wind and rain conditions.

Bryant said the center will also be a safe place for residents to wait out any future storm. But the project has been slowed by shipping delays.

“Post-COVID we’ve had trouble getting certain items, I think that’s normal throughout the country,” Bryant said. “So we’re waiting on the generator. Still finishing up on construction. The parking lot restoration is a separate project so once we finish the building, the county has a project to redo the parking up there.”