Lynn Haven officials are working to avoid massive flooding

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LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — In the City of Lynn Haven, Hurricane Sally has already made an impact in low-lying areas near the Bay.

City Manager, Vickie Gainer says the preparation doesn’t begin today, they start preparing for storms a week ahead of time.

“It starts way before this,” Gainer said. “We are constantly monitoring the weather and we have an Emergency Operations Center coordinator that kind of gives us a heads up about a week and a half in advance.”

Gainer said that the objective is to get ahead of the problem.

“On a day like today, those departments like community services, public utilities, facility maintenance, none of those departments really can work because of the rain,” Gainer said.

Because the usual workers are limited in what they can do, Gainer said the City calls on Public Works to work around the clock.

“These guys are very skilled in the set that they can work in other areas,” Gainer said. “So we give them shovels and rakes and all the other things needed to go out and make sure that ditches are cleaned out, the drains are not clogged up.”

Gainer said that each department has a particular zone they go to.

“They monitor that and anything that they see where it may cause some severe flooding, they get out of their trucks and try to fix it,” Gainer said.

Judy Tinder, Lynn Haven City Commissioner and co-owner of Victoria’s Last Bite said even with the ditches getting prepped, the tide is still an issue.

“When you have high rise or high tide, when high tide comes in then the water is coming back at you,” Tinder said. “So it’s just a battle of high tide and clogged drains and things.”

“Right now, the tidal has not been our friend,” Gainer said. “The high tide came it about 9:30 this morning and then when you put that together with the rain, you are going to have some flooding.”

Gainer said a lot of planning goes into keeping residents safe from potential flooding, but not all of it can be helped.

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