LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — The city of Lynn Haven gave away 300 trees at Kinsaul Park Saturday morning. Lynn Haven residents could choose between red maples, river birch and two kinds of crepe myrtles.

Tree giveaways have been consistently happening across Bay County.

“Our house is literally just a house with grass planted around it,” Lynn Haven resident Jim Stray said. “You can see all the old trees in the field knocked over. So it’s important to put this tree in, I guess as the start of a new future for a new house. And it’ll be the first tree on the property.”

 City officials believe that these kinds of initiatives are important to improve the aesthetic of the city. The giveaway was limited to Lynn Haven residents. It’s also impactful for drainage, which can lead to less future flooding.

“Well I think it’s extremely important for a couple of reasons,” Lynn Haven Director of Community Services Ty Farris said. “One just from an aesthetics standpoint, when you look at the tree canopy loss that we’ve had. Second, more importantly for Lynn Haven residents, I think this is long-term mitigation for stormwater.”

All trees were free. Residents simply had to show up to the parking lot and pick up a tree. No paperwork needed to be signed. Trees were limited to one per household.

“We think it is awesome that the area would do that,” Stray said. “That the city would do stuff like that understanding the nature of what’s happened and the regrowth and all that stuff. So it’s for the future really, you know.”

The city plans to hold more tree giveaways in the future. The next one is planned for Jan. 22. Farris said that there are also plans to hold another one in the Spring. 

“Over the past year and including today we’re getting close to about 900 trees,” Farris said. “And we’re hoping to go ahead and get an even 1,000 if not a little bit more by the end of January.”