PENSACOLA, Fla. (WMBB) — The Lynn Haven Fire Department placed 9th out of 22 teams during their first time competing in the Pensacola Firefighter Challenge on Saturday.

Fire departments from all over the southeast were represented at Saturday’s competition.

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Firefighters in teams of five participated in a relay-race style contest which included several challenges related to fighting a fire.

Some of the challenges included a forcible door entry and a dummy drug where competitors dragged a 175 pound dummy across the beach.

Lieutenant Samuel Smith with Lynn Haven Fire said they were excited about their first-time results.

“Just coming in there as a new team, we knew we had pretty good talent on our team, but we also knew there were a lot of other really good departments out there with really experienced guys as well,” Smith said.

Lynn Haven Fire wasn’t the only local fire department to compete in the Firefighter Challenge.

Walton County Fire Rescue also participated and had two teams compete. Both teams placed in the top 10.