Lynn Haven City Commission holds public workshops on city’s rebuild

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LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB)– The Lynn Haven City Commission held two public workshops on Tuesday to discuss the city’s rebuild.

“We’re at the very preliminary stage they’re bringing the first drawings, the first price lists, the first concepts,” Mayor Margo Anderson said.

DAG Architects presented plans for the sports park at the first workshop. The plan would include the addition of a community center on the 37,000 square foot property. The design’s price in its entirety comes to a price of $22 million.

“Initially when the dollars started getting assigned to doing that we quickly realized that’s not realistic, so we are proposing doing different phases,” DAG Project Architect Michael Higdon said.

At the second workshop, Florida Architects presented two different plans for City Hall and the Police Department.

Both plans also total $22 million each. The difference in the plans is the consolidation of the buildings.

In addition to more workshops, FL Architects plans to to make the designs available online so the public can provide input.

“It’s very important so whatever we can do to make that easier for the citizens to comment the better it is for us and better it is for the project,” Florida Architects President, Joseph Sorci said.

However, there are parts of the plans such as turning Historic City Hall into a museum, that the commission discussed holding off on.

“We could just shore that up so it doesn’t deteriorate further and let that be something that comes future down the line,” Mayor Anderson said.

Mayor Anderson said these prices were much higher than what they were hoping for. She said the city will have to prioritize what buildings come first.

“The concept that the commission had and what we’re trying to do is instead of rebuilding the city in a linear fashion would be to have several contractors several architects working at the same time,” Mayor Anderson said.

Residents said these initial prices are too high for the projects. However, they appreciate the rebuild efforts.

“I think that its going to be a much better city after all of this is you know redone and rebuilt,” Lynn Haven resident Sonia Aguilar said.

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