PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Travelers saw some of the most expensive Independence Day gas prices on record over the holiday weekend.

Now, Florida drivers are finally seeing gas prices decline.

The average gas price on the Fourth of July was $4.50 per gallon, but locals were surprised to see they’d be saving some money at the pump on Wednesday.

“I got some for $3.89 in town, in Southport, I am excited to see it,” Bill Poffel, a local resident said. “I’ll pull over and fill up.”

According to AAA, the average gas price in Florida was $4.54 per gallon.

“Gas has been very expensive, but hey I heard this morning that it’s trading in Wall Street less than $100 a barrel it was over $120 two weeks ago or whenever,” Poffel said. “Prices are coming down, so it’s great and we all know that it’s not a political thing it’s just a supply and demand, and it’s the way the American economy is set up.”

Crude oil prices dropped below $100 a barrel for the first time in two months on Tuesday, according to AAA.

Panama City Resident Tyler Roswold said the expensive gas prices have added extra stress to his daily life.

“It’s definitely a strain to be able to get to work and every time you go somewhere you got to factor in ‘hey how much is this trip going to cost now’ and that’s the kicker that’s what is hurting Americans,” Roswold said. “It cost like double or triple to go somewhere. Gas and milk are at the same prices now. Milk is like 4 something a gallon. That’s ridiculous.”

The cheapest gas prices were around $3.95 in Panama City Wednesday afternoon.

The state average has declined nearly ten cents and dropped a total of 35 cents through the past three weeks, according to AAA.

To see how gas prices are changing download the GasBuddy app or visit their website.