PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Christmas is certainly going to be merry and bright for one local telehealth nurse and her family.

Gulf Power and PanCare came together to pull off a big Christmas surprise by giving their home a holiday makeover.

Amber Hartman is an LPN with the PanCare telehealth program at Parker Elementary School. She and her family got an early Christmas gift: a home holiday makeover.

“I always love Christmas lights, Christmas is my favorite holiday and to have all y’all here that’s just an added bonus,” Hartman said. “The lights are just — it’s very overwhelming. I feel very appreciative and grateful for everybody in my life.”

Hartman said Christmas is always great but now she gets to see her beautiful Christmas lights every night.

“And then I pull in and I was like ‘What? This isn’t my house” but it is,” Hartman said. “And now all of these fabulous people are standing out here and it’s very overwhelming. You feel very loved.”

The last two years have been difficult for healthcare workers like Hartman.

“When you work day in and day out sometimes you just start to feel like you just kind of mix in with everybody but then people make you realize how much you really do with little things like Christmas lights,” Hartman said. “And it makes me feel proud to be a nurse, proud to come to work everyday to help the people that I can. I love my job very much.”

Gulf Power Spokesperson, Sarah Gatewood, said they work hard to give back to their communities any way they can.

“Amber is one of our health care heroes one of many across Northwest Florida and we’re so excited to be able to do something special for her this holiday season,” Gatewood said.

PanCare Florida Telehealth Director, Brandon Luke, said Hartman was the first person who popped into his head when it was time to nominate a health care hero.

“She’s great, all of the parents, faculty, the principal, the students everyone loves her,” Luke said.

Gulf Power also gave gifts to the Hartman family. Amber, her two daughters and their dogs were all given a Christmas gift.