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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released new COVID-19 guidelines that have left some scratching their heads.

The CDC came out with the guidelines in response to the omicron variant but they’ve left people confused about if and when they should get tested or quarantine.

“This round has been, it’s nowhere near as bad from what I can tell, but it’s still significant because you’re still having people get sick and you’re still having at-risk people get debilitated,” Dr. Roman Nations said. And really the fear factor is a significant problem for everybody to work with.”

Local physician Dr. Roman Nations recommends tracking your symptoms to determine if and when a 5 or 10-day quarantine is necessary.

“Once you get tested and you’re positive, then you watch for your symptom improvement because you’ll have some people where their symptoms start to get better just after a few days and those are the ones that are least contagious 5 days afterward,” Dr. Nations said. “That’s where the mask after 5 days but go back to work is really aimed at trying to get the economy back rolling and keep the labor shortage to a minimum and minimize the number of exposures to other people as far as contagiousness goes.”

He said those who still feel sick after 5 days should continue to quarantine for the full 10 days. But it also depends on where or who you work with.

“If you’re somebody that works around elderly patients like in a nursing home or in a cancer facility, or someone that works near a daycare facility where you are around little children those are all things that can get other kids sick because they can take it home and spread it to the rest of the family,” Dr. Nations said.

Also, if you have COVID symptoms but your rapid test is negative, Dr. Nations said you shouldn’t depend on those results for your diagnosis.

“If you’ve got symptoms even if your test is negative, it’s highly likely you’ve got COVID,” Dr. Nations said.

He said the rapid tests are designed to be accessible, but they’re not as accurate.

“The rapid tests unfortunately still even in the best of circumstances, still miss at least 10 percent of the infections,” Dr. Nations, said. “The home kits actually in symptomatic patients still miss 30 percent of the infections.”

To read the new guidelines from the CDC, click here.

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