Local cat sanctuary introduces a young hybrid serval

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Meet Mazi – Mazi a F1 serval hybrid cub and he is only 13 weeks old. 

Mazi is a mix between an African Serval and a domestic cat so they make a great pet to people like Angela Peoples. 

Peoples volunteers at Bear Creek Feline Center and brought her cat here today to introduce him to a grown serval for the first time. 

She says this serval hybrid makes a great pet and that you can even leash train them and take them for walks. 

“The savannahs they’re very domesticated,” said Peoples. “You can keep them in the house, they won’t spray and they’re little box trained. But they have that whole exotic look and they have so much energy.”

Jim Broaddus is the director of Bear Creek Feline Center. They do not breed cats like little Mazi.

They are the home to 5 different cat species including the Florida Panther and Siberian Lynx. They are very excited to welcome Mazi to the family.

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