Lights are finally back on for a group of Jackson County residents

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COTTONDALE, Fla. (WMBB) — At four o’clock on Monday, Jerry Tramel and his neighbors around Quail Rooster Drive lost power.

On Tuesday, Tramel said he didn’t know if he could make it another day without his medical equipment that requires electricity.

“So we had to go and pay for a hotel last night,” said Tramel, a Jackson County resident.

News 13 viewers felt compelled to help Tramel. Because of his wife’s medical condition they were not able to accept a free hotel room in Panama City.

When they returned home on Wednesday, Tramel’s wife got to work, throwing away what they say was $500 worth of groceries that were starting to spoil.

“So this is going to be very expensive now– motel rooms, $500 in food, outside expenses for outside food, we’re getting up to quite a bit of money now,” said Tramel.

One of Tramel’s Army veteran neighbors was going through the same thing.

“I got a lot of medical problems. I have a CPAP machine, oxygen concentrators, things that have to have electricity to run and if I don’t have it, then it makes it bad for me,” said Johnny Stephens, a Jackson County resident.

A nurse had to wrap Stephens legs on Wednesday because they were so swollen from the heat.

Ironically, relief from the heat came when it started to rain.

“I’ll sit out here all afternoon because it’s just too hot in that house,” said Stephens.

Florida Public Utilities officials declined an interview Wednesday, saying they were busy restoring power.

They said it’s possible some customers won’t have power until Thursday; but, the veterans got their power back around five in the afternoon on Wednesday.

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