LYNN HAVEN, Fla (WMBB)–Lynn Haven Police are looking for a man named Gage Michael Floyd, who was last seen on Saturday morning.

LHP said Floyd went to Blue Moon Saloon Friday night and was seen leaving the bar around 2:00 a.m. on Saturday.

“This is unusual,” Lynn Haven Police Officer Corporal William McAlinden said.” It’s out of character for him, from what we understand. He was the kind of guy that would go have a couple of drinks at the bar or dance at the dance floor by himself and go home.”

Lynn Haven Police said Floyd requested an Uber to take him home from the Blue Moon but canceled it.

“To the best of our knowledge and the knowledge of his family, he doesn’t have anybody you know, a significant other, anybody in his life that you would be going to visit at that time of the morning,” Corporal McAlinden said.

Floyd’s Parents traveled from Moundville, Alabama, to help search for their son.

“We’re not leaving until we find him today,” Kevin and Lindsey Floyd said.” We’re out here searching, and we’ll have another search team out tonight. We’ve been every day. We’ve been searching for him up and down these banks, up and down these creeks everywhere. It’s just there’s just nothing. We just need a lead. We need something.”

Floyd’s parents said their son was last wearing a custom black jacket the last time he was seen. The jacket has a colorful “L” logo on the front and the word legendary underneath it, and a lion head on the back. Floyd was wearing dark color jeans and a white t-shirt with a jacket.

Floyd also has a tattoo on his left arm, a distinctive hourglass with skulls.

“He just had a sweetheart,” Kevin and Lindsey Floyd said.” You know, he would do anything for me, for anybody. He was not violent; he was not aggressive in any kind of way. He was, you know, he’s the kind that would stand up for the person that couldn’t stand it up for themselves.”

If you have any information about Gage Michael Floyd, contact the Lynn Haven Police Department at (850) 256-4111.