KINARD, Fla. (WMBB)– The Kinard Halloween Carnival brought out the scariest of ghouls from all over Calhoun County to help fundraise with the Kinard Volunteer Fire Fighters Department on Saturday.

The Kinard Halloween event is a standing tradition in Calhoun County and has been held for 40 years.

Volunteer Fire Chief, Jody Daniels, said there is a lot that goes into planning this event every year. This year was no exception with attendance exceeding over a thousand people.

“It’s not just a one-night event, there’s not a one-man show,” Daniels said.”There are a lot of people here tonight to help build this thing, from both workers to kitchen workers to just volunteers to come out here to help us. As I said earlier, it’s a community event. We’ve got people from all over that show-up and help us here.”

The local community said the festival is not only fun but gives back to an important part of the community.

“This fire department impacts everybody in this county,” said resident, Mike Dalton. “The great thing about Calhoun County is they work everywhere. I mean, if any other fire department needs help, they will be the first ones there to help. This is probably the biggest fundraiser this county has for a fire department.”

Daniel said the money the volunteer firefighters make from the festival helps them through the year. The money goes to buying fuel and having maintenance done on their fire trucks, to make sure the volunteer firefighters are ready to go.

Kinard Halloween Carnival happens every year on the last Saturday of October.