Keeping your pets safe on July fourth

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As independence day approaches many pet owners are beginning to think of ways to make their pets less scared of the loud noises.

According to local veterinarians the Fourth of July and the days following are the biggest days of the year for pets to go missing.

All of this is because our furry friends aren’t exactly sure what the loud cracks and booms from the sky are.

“It scares them something terrible of course it scares me sometimes,” said Richard McGriff, a local pet owner. “You’re sitting there watching tv and all of a sudden BOOM.”

The Fourth of July weekend is filled with firework shows and as the weekend gets closer,  pet owners are starting to think of ways to make their dogs feel comfortable.

“If your dog is scared make them a crate, make them a den and make them feel safe,” said Cheyenne Gilliam.

Our pups can start to shake and cry when they hear these loud noises. Veterinarians say this is because their hearing is more sensitive than ours.

“It’s about 7 to 10 times more than us,” said Abbi Dacosta. “So those loud noises are even more amplified with them.”

Dacosta is the owner of Emerald Coast Mobile Vet. She says if you plan to go to a firework show this weekend it may be best to leave your pets at home.

“Leave them in a cage or a room by themselves so they can’t get out,” said Dacosta

If you are not going to be there to hold your dogs to make them feel safe. Dicosta says adding other other noises to their surroundings will help put them at ease.

“If you’re not going to be there turn on some music or the tv to kinda drown out the noise of the fireworks,” said Dacosta

If your dog is scared of the fireworks, Dacosta says there are sedatives you can give them to calm them down. Some are natural and others can be prescribed by your veterinarian. 

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