CALLAWAY, Fla. (WMBB) — Callaway’s last major FEMA project is finally taking shape.

John B. Gore Park hasn’t been used since before Hurricane Michael and now it’s on its way to being fully restored with brand-new amenities.

“Not only are we trying to upgrade for our current residents, but we also have to look at future growth. With Tyndall Air Force Base coming back, we know that we know what those people are going to be looking for in a city and so we want to be prepared for them when they come in,” Callaway City Manager Ed Cook said.

It’s only a matter of time before the park will be full of kids instead of construction crews.

City leaders broke ground on the project back in May and are now halfway finished with the park.

“Whenever you’re looking at the strategic planning for the outlook of the whole entire city, we want to make sure that we have parks across the whole entire city that will be able to accommodate all of our residents,” Cook said. “So this area right here, which has always been a park, it’s a great location. We have the boat ramp here, which is very heavily used to access East Bay.”

The $5 million park will be equipped with a new tennis court, a new basketball court, a football field, a concession stand, a walking path, multi-use baseball and softball fields, and two sand volleyball courts.

“It’s going to be lighted, so it’ll be available for people to come out and use even for walking purposes,” Cook said. “We have lots and lots of benches and amenities that are going to be around the park. So, you know, just anybody will be able to come out, walk by the water and be able to spend the day with their family or if they want to play.”

The park is also home to the historic schoolhouse and the city’s museum.

Cook said they expect the park to be finished in the spring.