JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — The search for a missing pregnant teenager ended Wednesday.

Authorities stated that the body of the Jackson County teen was discovered Wednesday morning in Alabama.

A Houston County man is now facing charges in the case.

Jackson County Sheriff Donnie Edenfield says the 19-year-old Anastasia Gilley was four months pregnant and last seen on May 2 in her home.

“I went home last night about midnight and I talked to the father above and I prayed and I prayed for this family,” Edenfield said. “If there was someone responsible for harming this lady, show it to us and let it be seen, and two hours later the body was found.”

Investigators searched multiple counties in Alabama and Jackson County in the Panhandle.

The search ended around 2 a.m. when a Houston County deputy found a body in Dothan.

Investigators state that the body’s identity has not officially been confirmed, but they are confident it’s her.

“Obviously we had to find the victim before you could determine that there was an actual crime,” Edenfield said.

33-year-old Marquis Devan McCloud was arrested in Jackson County during the missing person’s investigation for violating his Alabama parole. They interviewed him about the case before the body was found.

“He was not very forthcoming during the interviews. He did not want to give up a lot of information,” Edenfield said. “We feel pretty certain he’s the guy.”

McCloud was arrested and charged in the case. According to court records, McCloud’s past criminal record includes multiple charges, including rape, fraud, robbery, making terror threats, and more. He also has previous convictions in Georgia.

“Through investigations, we did determine that they knew each other and that they had talked,” Edenfield said. “The depth of their relationship is uncertain at this time.”

McCloud is charged with one count of capital murder during a kidnapping in the first degree for the death of Anastasia Gilley. He is being held without bond.

Investigators state that the Department of Forensic Sciences in Montgomery will confirm the identity in an autopsy,