JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB)- A Jackson County community is remembering nearly every veteran who lived there. A church and an American Legion post have placed roses by a roadside representing those who’ve died.

303 crosses stand tall along Highway 90 in Sneads, all honoring the life of a veteran. A tradition that started with just 11 crosses in 2014.

“We do them on Memorial Day as well as veterans, but we had our church community give us names of their family members that passed and after coming back from the service, so we started making crosses and now we have 303 crosses up,” said American Legion Commander Milton Schouest.

Last Saturday, a group of volunteers spent five hours placing the crosses in the ground.

“We love our country. We love our veterans. And we want to honor them as much as we can. And that is what this is, is an honor to our veterans for their service, said First Methodist church Men’s Group Methodist Church Steve Edwards.

“My dad was a veteran. He was a veteran. He passed my brother was a veteran, my nephews, my son, myself. And we also lost an uncle in World War II. But just to recognize them means a lot to me. Yeah. There’s just all the love of God” said Milton Schouest.

For those driving along Highway 90, it is encouraged to make sure the veterans are honored properly.

“Keep a good eye on them, if a flag would fly up, please stop. Pick it up. The cross is laying. Wait, stop. Straighten it up for us or let us know and we’ll come and do it” Schouest added.

The Memorial Cross project is a partnership between the First United Methodist Cross Church of Sneads and American Legion Post 124.

If you’re interested in donating to the project, click here.