MARIANNA, Fla. (WMBB) — Jackson County commissioners took many steps at Tuesday afternoon’s special meeting to bring life back to the city of Marianna.

Many areas in the city have been abandoned since Hurricane Michael in 2018. The board discussed multiple projects to rejuvenate a couple of those areas.

“We discussed project Viva MOU to the commissioners,” Jackson County Business Development Economic Development Committee Vice President Zach Gilmore said. “That actually includes a revitalization for the downtown area in the Marianna Main Street District and so that would actually be a purchase of the Danley Building.”

The Danley Building used to be a popular furniture store in Downtown Marianna. It’s been broken down and empty since Hurricane Michael.

A Florida company has now been approved to purchase the building and rebuild the interior and exterior.

“And they are looking at various different projects inside of it,” Gilmore said. “Whether it be an Airbnb upstairs, or possibly some restaurants, some retail space, some office space. There’s a lot of things that they’re looking at at the moment.”

Gilmore said just the first phase of this project will be about a $750,000 capital investment.

“Marianna Main Street and we as a community have been trying to encourage residential development in the area anyway,” County Commissioner Paul Donofro said. “That’s always a very promising thing to have-residential development in a downtown area.”

As Downtown Marianna continues to develop so do the Endeavor properties down the road.

Commissioners approved a conveyance agreement for a company to build a 16,000 square foot warehouse on six acres of Endeavor land.

“It’s exciting to see all of these different components finally start to gel into what is going to be a tremendous asset for the city of Marianna and Jackson County,” Donofro said.

The names of the companies mentioned haven’t been announced yet. However, the Danley Building is being purchased by a company in a nearby Florida city.

Commissioner Donofro believes the company bringing the warehouse to Endeavor deals with school supplies.

Now that both projects have been approved, officials are hoping to get started very soon.