JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Nine Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies traveled to Desoto County last Thursday.

Sheriff Edenfield joined them on Saturday and returned on Wednesday.

He said many of the Desoto Sheriff’s Office deputies had been working ten to twelve days straight. His guys relieved some of them by providing security in the disaster zone.

“Some people are coming in to scam, to fraud people, so we did a lot of traffic stops, a ton of traffic stops which resulted in a lot of people not having drivers licenses, insurance, some being in possession of narcotics, illegal weapons,” Jackson County Sheriff Donnie Edenfield said.

Edenfield said his deputies were prepared to go there once the storm passed. One-third of the staff volunteered to help.

“We were victimized by Hurricane Michael in 2018 and once you live through one of those and you know what it feels like to have people come to your aid from other areas, for us not to go is not an option,” Edenfield said.

Desoto County is a rural farming community, much like Jackson County. The similarity helped the two sheriff’s offices work well together.

“We just hit it off with the guys down there from the get-go, meshed really well, worked really well together and we established friendships and relationships that’ll last forever,” the Sheriff said.

Even with the hardships, Desoto County is facing, Edenfield is optimistic they will be okay.

“But they’ll recover, they’re hard-working people, they’re resilient,” Edenfield said.

Edenfield said he and his deputies spent their last day in Desoto serving outstanding arrest warrants.