MARIANNA, Fla. (WMBB) — We all rely on farmers for our necessities, like food and clothes. The Jackson County Agriculture Coalition is preparing to celebrate those everyday heroes at the 50th Annual Farm-City Banquet. 

Agriculture is big business for Jackson County, generating $93 million a year in crop sales. The Agriculture Coalition wants to emphasize its importance.

“If you’re not directly involved in agriculture, you may indirectly be involved in agriculture,” said Agriculture Coalition Chair Kenneth Stoutamire. “As I say to everyone, if you eat, you’re involved in agriculture.”

10 Outstanding Farm Families will be recognized for their hard work and dedication to the community. Agricultural youth organizations, such as the Junior Cattlemen’s Association, will also celebrate their successes this year. One student will be awarded the Ed Jowers Scholarship to pursue a higher education in the agriculture field. 

“Everyone needs to be attentive to what goes on in agriculture, the importance of it, the sustainability of it because our farmers are getting older,” said Stoutamire. “We need new people coming into the business to sustain our safe supply.”

For the first time ever, the banquet will be open to the public this year. Coalition members believe it’s important for more people to get involved in local agriculture. 

“We want to do it big, and we want to make sure that people that are interested and want to take part have that opportunity,” University of Florida Jackson County Extension Director Doug Mayo. 

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