ALFORD, Fla. (WMBB) — It seems most people refuse to slow down on Highway 231 passing through Alford, and residents said it’s a safety hazard.

“Being a resident there, trying to get out on that highway at any time of day is difficult,” Alford Resident Joe Hutchings said.

Hutchings said since 2014, there have been 22 reported car crashes in that area and people have even died just trying to cross the street.

He said it’s necessary they get a traffic light. He decided to start a petition to get one.

Almost 900 people signed it in hoping they could do something to make their town safer.

“When you have a community of our size that a majority of the community is over the age of 65, crossing four lanes, it’s actually five lanes when you get a turn lane of traffic, that’s a problem,” Alford Mayor George Gay said.

Gay said they recently wrote a letter to the state asking to discuss how they can make this happen.

“Everything we’ve gotten back from the state has been very positive,” Gay said. “They’ve done some traffic studies for us, they’ve checked to see how much traffic we have coming into that intersection.”

Gay feels confident in their communication with the state and hopes they get a response soon.