JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — School systems across the state received their annual report of school grades.

Over the last few years, Hurricane Michael and COVID-19 have made learning in the classroom difficult for students.

This has forced many schools to play catch up.

That’s why Jackson County Superintendent Steve Benton said he’s pleased to see Marianna High School raised from a “C” school to a “B” school.

“The majority of our schools maintain or held where they are last year, so we are very proud of the results we got today,” Benton said.

Benton said the pandemic made teaching and learning difficult for teachers and students, with many students missing school and learning virtually.

He said that put a strain on their education and schools saw a drop in grades.

“It just disrupted the whole system for us but as I said this past year, we’ve been able to pretty much get back,” Benton said.

Other schools in the county like Sneads Elementary maintained its “A” grade, but Cottondale dropped to a “C.”

Benton said the teachers have worked hard to catch students up.

“I am very proud of the Jackson County school system,” Benton said. “I feel like we are not only very good academically, but we are one of the safest schools in the state of Florida. I just feel like when you drop one of your kids off at our schools you can feel that your kids will be safe and get the best education possible.”

There are around 6,000 students in the Jackson County School District.

Superintendent Benton said as they prepare for the next school year they will be focusing on school safety.

They now have 16 school resource officers.