Jackson County one of the only COVID-19 hotspots in the area

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JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — COVID-19 cases are starting to go up as the delta variant spreads.

Diagnosed COVID-19 cases are up 72 percent from last month Jackson County is considered to be a hotspot right now.

Medical professionals and Commissioner Eric Hill said they began to notice the spike in COVID-19 cases in Jackson County after the Fourth of July.

“From July 2 to the 8th, we had about a 9.3 percent increase,” Hill said.

Now, the county is a hotspot for the virus.

Kaye Robinson who works at Jackson County Hospital said it’s not surprising.

“That’s what we were in July of last year. We were a hotspot for the state,” said Robinson.

She said only 36 percent of people in Jackson County are vaccinated.

“The majority of patients being hospitalized actually have not been vaccinated, Robinson said. “We’ve had one fully vaccinated, one partially vaccinated, and everyone else has been unvaccinated.”

Young people are in the lead for not being vaccinated. Just this past week, Robinson said a 20-year-old was hospitalized for several days because of the virus.

“Young people in general feel like they’re invincible and they’re not going to get anything. They don’t realize that what they get, whether they’re sick or not, can pass onto other people who aren’t as healthy and it affects them, Robinson said”

She said Jackson County stands at 17 out of 62 counties for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Dr. Joseph Gay from Chipola Medical Associates in Jackson County has plans to attract more people to get vaccinated.

The plans include face-to-face meetings, speaking at schools, churches, clubs, and reaching out through social media.

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