Editor’s note: A previous version of this story misidentified the owner of a home. It has since been corrected.

JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Mark Hirt, II was in Jackson County visiting his grandfather Homer B. Hirt, Jr. The last thing he expected was for his childhood home to burn down.

The one his grandpa built in 1967.

“This was a great neighborhood then,” Hirt said. “There were three houses here that had swimming pools and the kids ran loose in the summertime and wherever they were on Saturday at noon is where they had lunch.”

Just before 7 o’clock on Tuesday night, the Hirts noticed a red glow coming from their kitchen.

They said the fire spread quickly, forcing them to leave everything and get out.

“I had signed and numbered prints of famous people that posed for pictures, Navy pictures,” Mark Hirt II said.

The Hirts’ home on Dairy Road in Sneads was the first house fire of the night.

While firefighters were there, they got another call for a fire on Myrtle Trail. They split up and called for backup.

“We had Sneads, Grand Ridge, Malone, Bascom, Delwood, we utilized the City of Marianna, Cottondale, Alford, multiple units from Calhoun County, Magnolia, Altha, Clarksville,” Jackson County Fire Rescue Fire Chief Charlie Brunner said.

Then there was a third fire in southern Jackson County on June Road.

Fire Rescue was out until midnight working the three fires.

“At the end of their shift this morning, they were physically exhausted and mentally exhausted. Multiple fires like that really wears people out and takes a longer rest period to recover,” Bruner said.

The causes of the fires are still under investigation.