BONIFAY, Fla. (WMBB) — Holmes County investigators and Dothan police are still searching for answers to a double murder case.

The victims were found Friday night, buried behind a home just outside of Bonifay.

They believe one was killed in Florida, the other in Alabama. Bay County Sheriff’s Office cadaver dogs found Shauna Terry and her boyfriend Damien Bell buried behind a home on 2241 Long Round Bay Road.

Dothan police said the two were reported missing since July 11.

“Crime knows no boundaries and this case is a complicated case with a lot of moving parts and crime scenes scattered throughout two states,” Holmes County Sheriff John Tate said. “It is still ongoing and it’s going to take some time to put the pieces together.”

Investigators believe one of the murders took place on Dutch Street in Dothan and the other happened on Long Round Bay Road.

“Like he said it is a giant jigsaw puzzle we have some of the pieces in Dothan,” Lieutenant Robert Hall with the Dothan Police Department said. “They have some of the pieces in Holmes County. They are putting together what they have and we are putting together what we have. And we have to collaborate and put all of the pieces together for one big puzzle. It’s going to be time-consuming.”

Authorities developed a 35-year-old Bonifay woman named Sheena Marie Thurman as a suspect.

They located her at a Dothan motel, arrested her, and charged them with one open count of murder in Holmes County and one count of murder in Dothan.

Deputies said they are searching for more suspects all connected to one another.

“Most of the suspects we have persons of interest in are in jail right now on unrelated charges,” Tate said. “There’s one or two that we are looking for but the majority of them are in jail maybe not on this case, but other charges.”

Hall said they are awaiting autopsy results to determine the cause of death.

This is an active investigation and deputies are still gathering evidence to determine why they were murdered.