Invasive Cuban Treefrog sightings increase in the Panhandle

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – There have been increased sightings of an invasive species of frog across the Panhandle, the Cuban Treefrog.

The Peninsula of Florida has dealt with the invasive species of Cuban Treefrogs for almost 100 years now, but as the population continues to expand the florida panhandle is an area to watch closely.

Brad “Bones” Glorioso, USGS Ecologist & Herpetologist says, “if you drew a line down from Jacksonville down to Cedar Key was like the established population range… but they’re popping up in the Panhandle, they’re popping up in the barrier islands in Georgia, and coastal Georgia, even up to Myrtle Beach. and I mean these aren’t necessarily established populations, but individuals are getting there and it doesnt take many.”

Glorioso also says its tough to contain the Cuban Treefrog population, because they are experts at hiding and traveling into other areas by camouflaging in mulch or plant deliveries.

“Once they get there and they are established the chances of you eradicating them are very very slim… they’re just too good at hiding, and they’re just very adaptable.”

Only small amounts of Cuban Treefrogs have been spotted in portions of the Florida Panhandle, that’s why when you find one, its important do away with it, before it can reproduce.

The most humane way to do this, is to capture one in plastic bag, put it in the fridge for a few hours, then transfer them to the freezer for an additional 24 hours.

To know if you have a Cuban Treefrog for certain in your backyard you can always contact your local wildlife services, since sometimes they can be different colors or have different patterns.

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