TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (WMBB) — Industry experts had a chance to present technology that could be incorporated into the Tyndall Air Force Base rebuild.

The expo gave everyone the opportunity to present their products and show how they perform.

“By bringing all of these vendors and other DOD technology experts in, we’re able to connect them with the user base here across Tyndall Air Force Base and our units and mission partners to be able to leverage those new technologies as we build the ‘Base of the Future’ here and make us better at our job,” 325th Fighter Wing Deputy Commander Colonel Douglas Kabel said.

As Tyndall Air Force Base is on its way to becoming the “Installation of the Future,” base officials are looking for ways to operate and advance their missions through new technology.

On Tuesday, advanced technology companies showcased their products to air force officials.

“We’re always looking for new technology, but I think where this might help is the other mission areas and what technology that they can utilize for their missions,” 325th Communications Squadron Commander Lieutenant Colonel Kimber Nettis said.

Tyndall officials also showed off their innovative technologies, Zero Eyes and the Digital Twin.

“Zero Eyes is a computer artificial intelligence software that runs behind the video cameras that we have here on base and what it detects is any sort of firearm that it is able that any camera is able to pick up and so instead of having a base defender continuously monitor a bunch of camera feeds, they’re able to be notified and then focus their attention only when that camera picks up that feed and detects that there’s somebody carrying a firearm,” Science and Technology Advisor for Reconstruction Lance Morano said.

Digital Twin is what officials call their “virtual sandbox”, allowing them to see the finished base while they’re actually rebuilding.

“It’s really about socializing all of the innovations of the future with the airmen here on the base and giving them an opportunity to see the types of things that we’re building into Tyndall as that ‘Base of the Future,” Morano said.