PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — It’s important to remember your pets ahead of the freezing temperatures.

Experts said if it is too cold outside for you, it’s too cold outside for them.

Pets can develop colds and respiratory issues just like us.

Bay County Animal Shelter Enforcement Supervisor Steven Carter said dogs like huskies enjoy the cold weather, but chihuahuas, hounds, labs, and shorter coat dogs need to be in a shelter with at least three walls and a roof.

Carter said blankets alone will not be enough for these freezing temperatures.

“Tonight and this weekend when we are getting down into the 20s, teens with the wind chill. That’s not going to be enough, you want something that’s going to block the wind something they can get under,” Carter said.

Carter suggests bringing your pets inside to a garage or a shed with blankets.

If you have questions or need suggestions on how to keep your pets warm give the Bay County Animal Shelter a call.