Panama City Beach, Fla. (WMBB) – It’s never an easy day in the classroom and local teachers said “some days are hotter than others,” as air conditioning problems plague some classrooms.

Arnold High School Principal Britt Smith responded to a comment on a social media post that pointed out some classrooms have been without air conditioning for weeks.

“We do have that option available to people to be able to move or to work in different areas, I try to give my teachers as much flexibility and what they think is best for them to be able to do so,” Smith said. “If it’s the type of situation that if they would like to relocate that they do, the option is always there for them.”

That’s the temporary solution. The larger problem is that Arnold’s air conditioning unit is 22 years old and one specific room requires a difficult-to-find part.

“For the most part our HVAC systems, and doing what we need to, to keep our schools cool and comfortable for our students and staff,” Executive Director of Operations Josh Balkom said. “However just like in any residence or business, there are going to be times when they’re down.”

Smith said he does not force teachers to move classrooms. They move only if they are uncomfortable in their current class.

“I have not had one single teacher come to me and express concern,” Smith said.

Smith hopes that when these issues arise in the future, teachers will give him the opportunity to sit down and share their concerns with him so he can explain the delays.

School District Officials hope to completely replace the air conditioning unit at Arnold High School by next year.