BONIFAY, Fla. (WMBB) — One of the area’s most successful pet rescues needs help.  

Lucky Puppy Rescue has stopped accepting animals due to funding.  For 16 years, Lucky Puppy Rescue has been giving dogs that were cast aside a second chance at life, but the non-profit is now in dire financial condition and needs help to carry on its work. 

“The main issue we’re having right now is financial,” said Lucky Puppy Founder Terri Mattson. “We have probably less than a month’s worth of operating income in the bank at the moment, and we’re carrying a little bit of credit card debt with food and vet vet bills that we’ve used.”

The problem is the overall economy. Donations have dropped off and inflation has increased operating costs.

“We can’t afford the number of staff that we need. We used to get all of our food donated, but lately, we’re having to buy probably 80% of our food. That’s been a pretty big drain on the budget. The price of fuel doesn’t help. Our success comes from moving them north for adoption.”

Over 200 dogs currently live on the farm waiting to be adopted. The longer they stay here, the more expensive it is to take care of them. 

Many of the lucky puppy animals go to Mattson’s Argyle, NY location where she’s had great success finding them homes. Tight budgets have forced her to close the doors to new dogs here locally and postpone expansion in Argyle. Without an injection of cash, she may be forced to close down permanently. 

 “That would be huge to our success if we could find some financial support to complete that expansion. Then the dogs would have a shorter time here, which would cost less money and they would get adopted faster.”

Lucky Puppy Rescue can use cash, pet food and supplies, and volunteers. If you’d like to help out, click here.