BONIFAY, Fla. (WMBB) — A local family is bringing the holiday spirit to Bonifay.

The Valcourts hosted an event on their farm on Sunday to celebrate Christmas with the community.

Garett and Kaycee, along with their two daughters, Nora and Ava, run their family farm in Bonifay. They’ve named it “No Place like Holmes.”

“We just had a vision, and we really feel like God just kind of pushed us in the right direction,” Garett said. “My family really encouraged us to kind of go for it, and they’ve helped us along the way.”

Garett said they created their family farm for the community to come out and enjoy.

“In this area in general, people are just so busy, there’s a lot going on,” he said. “For us, we just want to bring something that can bring families back to a family unit.”

There were activities all across the farm at the holiday event, including bounce houses, Christmas trees for sale, and sunflowers that you can pick. Santa Claus even made a surprise appearance.

Visitors had the chance to enjoy the farm and get to know the Valcourt family.

“If you show up here, you’re part of our family,” Garett said. “We just wanted to make sure that everybody feels like that, and so this is our way of doing it.”

Kaycee said she hopes to leave a legacy for their girls and to show them the importance of community outreach.

“We want them to learn hard work and what it means to actually accomplish a goal, and we set out on this goal,” she said. “I think we’re well on track to accomplish it, and I just want them to be proud.”

“No Place like Holmes” is open year-round, and the Valcourt family said anyone and everyone is invited.

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