PONCE DE LEON, FL (WMBB) — Vortex Springs Adventures has partnered with XBR Motorsports to bring dirt racing to Ponce De Leon.

About 1200 people are planning to get muddy this weekend at Vortex Springs. Vortex Spring Adventures and XBR Motorsports are holding a dirt drag race on Friday, a bounty hole on Saturday, and a Rodeo on Sunday. With the abundance of people coming Vortex Spring Adventures Co-owner Angela Dockery says the winners of the races will win a hefty price.

There’s $20,500 in prizes. It’s going to be given out this weekend right here at Vortex Spring Adventures. basically, you’ve got 10,000 on Friday and then you’ve got 10,000 on Saturday, said Dockery.

The rodeo on Sunday will have a smaller prize of 500 dollars for the ATV race. Besides all the fun in the Mud Dockery said there is a wealth of other fun activities for the whole family.

“There’s waterslides and there’s float toys for the kids to play on and there’s plenty of shade trees to run around and play at. But if you’ve got a child that rides a buggy of any kind or if they just want to bring their bicycles, even though we’ll have a few thousand people here for this event, we still offer peace and security for your children to come and have a good time,” said Dockery.

The idea has always been there and XBR co-founder Dustin Thompson says Vortex Spring Adventures has always felt like home.

“Because of the potential here. And we have been coming here all our lives and we just saw the potential to do a really cool, fun thing that really hasn’t been done. ATV and spring swimming and spring activities. Pair those two together. That’s the inspiration there,” said Thompson.

While the event is going on, the trails at Vortex will not be available to dirt bikes, three-wheelers, jeeps, or trucks.

For more information on the races, you can click here.