BONIFAY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Bonifay Police Department was one vote away from extinction Monday night.

When Jimmy Macon became Bonifay Police Chief two months ago he planned to ask for 10 full-time officers. The city proposed a $1.1 million total budget for the department.

Monday night city council member Larry Cook proposed transferring law enforcement duties to the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office instead at a cost of about $635,000. Residents fought for their police department.

“This city is not the size of Jacksonville, this county has way more citizens outside the city limits than it does inside the city limits, the Sheriff’s Office does good taking care of the county, the city needs to take care of this city,” resident Richard Willsey said.

“I have personally called them to come let’s handle this let’s handle that they came they listened to me they went to the source of whatever my situation I had to point out and they took care of it, this is the best police officer ship that I have seen in all my travel over the entire world,” another resident said.

Cook then motioned to turn over law enforcement to the Sheriff’s Office. The mayor seconded the motion but, it failed by a 3 to 2 vote.

“I want to thank the mayor and the council for what they did, especially one that gave us the opportunity to continue and the citizens need to know that we’re not going to stop what we’ve been doing, and that is continue to serve them,” Macon said.

Council members said they’re trying to come up with a budget between $1.1 million and $635,000 that will work for everyone.

There’s another public workshop scheduled for September 7th. The council has to pass the budget by September 30th at the latest.