BONIFAY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bonifay City Hall was in a state of upheaval Tuesday night.

Mayor Emily McCann resigned Tuesday afternoon, then the interim mayor called an emergency meeting to announce he’s terminated the police chief.    

According to city officials, the Mayor submitted her resignation letter Tuesday afternoon. An emergency meeting scheduled for 5:00 pm Tuesday evening was posted on the city’s website. There is no indication that any other notification was given to the local media.

The meeting lasted less than 4 minutes. It began with the reading of McCann’s letter.

“As of today, I Emily McCann resign as mayor of the city of Bonifay effective immediately.  The constant and recent threats against the safety of my council, employees, and family are too much.  While it has been a dream to support the city in this capacity, I cannot continue to put the safety of my family and myself at risk,” said McCann.

Then Vice Mayor Larry Cook announced he was the new mayor and he had terminated Bonifay Police Chief Jimmy Macon.  

“Okay, the mayor has resigned.  And I was the vice mayor so I’m the mayor. At this time, Chief Macon has been terminated from his position as of about 15 minutes ago,” said Cook.

According to our media partners at the Holmes County Advertiser, Cook fired Macon for negligence and insubordination. They quote a termination letter saying Macon left his gun and badge in the Golden Corral Restaurant in Dothan, Alabama on August 15th. 

Cook also accused Macon of insubordination during the August 28th council meeting.

During that meeting, both McCann and Cook tried to get rid of the police department and hire the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement services.

They were outvoted 3-to-2.

According to the Holmes County Advertiser, City Attorney Michelle Jordan says a former Bonifay Police Officer and others allegedly made threats on social media towards McCann.

Some in attendance tonight questioned Cook’s authority to fire Macon with a vote from the council. He refused to answer any of their questions.

You can watch the full meeting below: