BONIFAY, Fla. (WMBB) —Bonifay city council members held a meeting looking to improve some areas in the city. They have plans to move the police station, improve sidewalks, and reduce speeds near schools.

They’re currently operating out of a facility that’s conjoined with the volunteer fire station.

The old Holmes County Sheriff’s office is in good shape so they believe it will be a good location for Bonifay police.

Earlier this month the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office moved from its location at 211 North Oklahoma Street over to the renovated agriculture center on Highway 90.

The Bonifay police department decided to jump at the opportunity for a bigger office space. Bonifay police currently share their office space with the fire department so there’s little room.

“Moving the police department out of the fire station and moving in. It to a stand-alone building. The Holmes County sheriff vacated his old office and went to a new office. So we’re hoping to have that worked out,” said Bonifay City Clerk Rickey Callahan.

City officials approved the move. However, one resident was concerned about where the money is coming from to move all the equipment from one station to another.

“In order to legally move it from a police station to another police station, you have to have a bonding company. Move it. You can’t put it in a police car and move it. Where’s the money for that,” said Bonifay resident John Rodriguez.

City officials say that ARPA funds will take care of moving.

“I don’t see a whole lot of expense if any at all, other than other than just an insurance policy to cover our one,” said Bonifay Police Chief Johnny Whitaker.

Bonifay police also plan on reducing speeds near the school on US 90

“There’s been some discussion for several years now about reducing that speed limit because the school is actually off of Blue Devil Lane and it’s fairly decent off for us 90 but there’s so much traffic with the elementary school being there now,” Whitaker said.

Officials approved to drop the speed from 45 MPH down to 25 MPH during school hours. Whitaker says he is now just waiting for DOT to send the appropriate traffic control devices.

When it comes to infrastructure, Bonifay is hoping to improve sidewalks.

“We’re hoping that we can get that taken care of as they widen State Road 79 South and resurface the sidewalks straight through Bonifay,” Callahan said.

Mayor Cook signed a resolution to FDOT in hopes they will repair sidewalks off Highway 90 when they’re widening State Road 79.

Callahan says that the Holmes County Sheriff is giving away the old building rent-free, and their only expenses will be electricity and general upkeep. 

Chief Whitaker says they’ll begin transitioning over to the new location on Nov. 7.