PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — In the spirit of the Christmas season, Highland Park Elementary School students got a special gift Thursday morning.

It’s a vending machine, but instead of selling snacks it uses books to feed the minds of young students.

The schools principal, Ilea Faircloth said “if they [students] are extra and they stand out and they are doing all the things then we’ll also be able to offer this as like a super special thing. Our vision is that our students are able to earn this through academics or behavior.”

Teachers will give out tokens to those respective students who will then cash it in for a book to call their own.

The machine isn’t just a gift – but a tribute to beloved paraprofessional and teacher David Peters. He passed away in July of last year.

“We want to acknowledge all kids because that’s what David was about, he acknowledged everyone, he loved all of our students no matter what and we want to honor his memory” said Faircloth.

His wife, Princess Peters, is also a paraprofessional at the school. She and their family were the first to open the giant present Thursday morning.

“He loved students he was always wanting to help them strive to be their very best, and he always showed that in everything he did, and this is just such a great way to honor that memory.”

Highland Park said if you would like to donate books to the school specifically for the vending machine, you can contact the school directly. that number is 850-767-4685.