PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — While many believe Panama City Beach is a great place to live and vacation, there are always a few that disagree.

Yelp uses a five-star rating system with one being the lowest. Most of the reviews on Yelp for Panama City Beach are four and five stars. But the website lists one one-star review and two two-stars for the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches.

One reviewer was upset he was forced to get out of the Gulf during deadly double red flag conditions.

“This review is a warning to visitors, like me, that don’t need the local government to protect them,” the reviewer explained. “I spent a lot of money on a beachfront property for the primary purpose of having access to the water, which was then closed multiple days due to “dangerous” conditions. By closed I mean the local police will remove you from the water and give you a fine for swimming.”

The reviewer compared the situation to what one might find in a communist country.

“Feels more like China than the US,” he wrote. “There are beaches along the Emerald Coast (Mexico Beach for one) that don’t have the nanny state mentality. I will never rent in PCB again and wish I would have known this before wasting my valuable vacation time here.”

Along with that review, there are two that left only two stars.

One of those wrote they did not enjoy the area because of too many high-rise buildings.

The other person who left two stars was very upset with the beach conditions at the time of their visit.

“I have to give it a two star for this visit due to red tide,” the Yelp review said. “When planning this vacation we had no idea that red tide had settled into the panhandle. To our surprise when we went out to the beach we started to sneeze and our eyes started to water.”

However, most of the reviews of Panama City Beach are positive.

“Panama City Beach continues to grow and this is clear to see with the addition and expansion of Pier Park, as PP is a staple of and the general hub for all activities in PCB from fireworks to parades,” a five star review said. “In addition, in the past few years you have seen new roads, subdivisions, condo’s, hotels, sports complexes and a plethora of new restaurants and shops pop up.”

That reviewer also wrote how Panama City Beach is their “home away from home.”

Out of 59 Yelp reviews, only three fell below a three-star ranking.