PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — An organization started by a local teenager has a mission to help fund fine arts.

Ruby Tilghman, 17, said she founded Many Mini Musicians when she was in middle school.

The nonprofit raises money for grants to be given to fine arts programs at public schools, and the money is raised through benefit concerts put on by Tilghman and her organization.

“Hello Summer” is one of those concerts, and it was held for its fourth year on Saturday.

“Many Mini Musicians puts [Hello Summer] on every year, and we have a lot of performers that come back and perform with us year after year,” Tilghman said. “It’s a great community event.”

Nine young performers came together to entertain the crowd in McKenzie Park in historic downtown Panama City, with songs ranging from originals to classics from Billy Joel, Queen and others.

Sixteen-year-old musician Mia Carroll said this concert is a great start to her summer.

“I’m very excited,” Carroll said. “I think this is my second time performing at Hello Summer, and it’s going to be a really good event.”

The musicians broke out their instruments for the event, including guitars, pianos and even a harmonica.

Carroll said even though she is a busy teen, she loves getting to help out the nonprofit.

“Coming from someone who loves music, and it’s such a great way for people to get together and just an event like this to help other people who want and need music in their life, is just amazing,” Carroll said.

Tilghman said Many Mini Musicians has raised over $35,000 in grant money in the past, and this year’s concert will only make that number grow.

“This is really a blessing to be able to put on, because as a student and a musician, I understand just how important fine arts are, and also how important the opportunity to perform in your community is,” Tilghman said. “I know that these young musicians put in a lot of hard work.”