HOLMES COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — An investigation is underway in Holmes County after a threat reportedly aimed at Poplar Springs School students on Sunday.

Officials said Holmes County Schools will be under “heightened security” on Monday, November 29.

According to our Media Partner, Holmes County Times Advertiser, a report from the school district show they were notified by local mental health agencies and law enforcement on Sunday.

The report shows the person, who identified themselves as a student, sent a text to a suicide prevention hotline admitting to thoughts of suicide, self-harm and having a “hit-list” of students they identified as Poplar Springs students.

No last names were given and some of the names are considered “common” first names. Parents of any student at Poplar Springs with the given names were notified of the information.

An investigation was launched immediately to include matching names of possible students within the district. In a Facebook post, the school district says the situation is under investigation and no other details will be released.

They also said the threat is not believed to be credible.

To read the full story, head to the Holmes County Times Advertiser’s website.