PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Local hairdressers said many of their clients who have contracted COVID-19 deal with hair loss in the months following.

38-year-old Jessica Goss is one of those struggling.

“The middle of August is when I got Covid and I would say about 2-3 months after that is when my hair started falling out in chunks,” Goss said. “Not your average, wash your hair and your hair falls out. I mean like I had been in some kind of cancer treatment, I mean honestly.”

Goss said she’s lost 80% of her hair since having Covid.

Many local hairdressers said their clients who have tested positive for the virus also now have brittle, breaking hair.

“It does create a lot of stress and a lot of tears,” D’s Salon Hairdresser Amber Conner said. “I mean, most of my clients that have had that hair loss that has been more extreme than others, have been just like, ‘I didn’t cry today.'”

Conner said she and other hairdressers have been referring to this as “Covid hair.”

She said it’s more noticeable in women.

“A lot of times that hair that comes in after Covid it’s baby fine. to me it’s almost similar to cancer patients where the texture’s just a whole lot different,” Conner said. “Her hair’s actually a little bit wavy where she’s had straight hair.”

Local hairdressers said if their client is losing hair and they don’t recall having Covid, they’ll most often be vaccinated.

Conner said your hair grows about half an inch per month.

At this rate, it could take a woman about two years to get their original hair back– if it ever grows back normal again.

Hairdressers recommend talking with your hairstylist to figure out what works best for you to combat the hair loss problem.

You may need to switch what products you’re using or start taking supplements.

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