INDIAN PASS, Fla. (WMBB) — Fire officials said they have a 120 acre wildfire in Gulf County fully contained.

The fire started around 1:30 this afternoon in the Indian Pass area.

First responders moved quickly to keep this fire from becoming a lot worse.

“Luckily the people thought ahead and called the Division of Forestry and they were in route before we could even dispatch them,” Gulf County Sheriff Mike Harrison said. “So, we’ve got multiple unites that came out from various volunteer fire departments throughout the county.”

The dry and windy conditions helped the fire grow very quickly and at one point hope across 30-C.

Sheriff Mike Harrison said they did have to evacuate a few homes.

“Had a couple residents that were getting close to being in danger, once we got in there and was able to cut the lines and get some of the residents out,” Sheriff Harrison said. “We had one of special concern, a handicap lady, but we got her out and to a safe location.”

Gulf County Emergency Management Director, Matt Herring said no homes were burned or damaged thanks to the Forestry Service cutting lines around the houses it was close to.

Heavy smoke forced deputies to close County Road 30-C, which is the only road in and out of Cape San Blas.

“It is anticipated we’re gonna have to on and off close the road during the night because of limited visibility, especially when dark falls,” Sheriff Harrison continued. “All in all it was good team work and a lot of people working hard just to try to get this under control. Right now, it appears to be contained, no structures are in danger, no structures were destroyed, no one was hurt.”

One volunteer firefighter had to be treated for unspecified injuries.

He later returned to the scene to pick up his truck.

Sheriff Harrison said he’s doing okay.

He also said he’s thankful for the community’s quick thinking and patience while they closed off the road.

“We’re proud of our volunteer fire departments for the job they’ve done here today to protect homes and residents,” Emergency Management Director, Matt Herring said of the crucial firefighters. “We appreciate the Florida Forest Service and the job they’ve done today as well.”

As of the time of this story posting the fire is now 100% contained.

Fire crews said they will be on scene all night, monitoring 30-C for smoke visibility and closing the road if needed.