GULF COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Gulf County Sheriff’s Office is continuing in its efforts to keep residents safe.

The sheriff’s office was provided a heavy-duty drone after surplus funds from the Florida Sheriff’s association were given to them for the device.

“This one is equipped with a really high-intensity camera on it, as well as an infrared camera that can assist us,” said Gulf County Sheriff, Mike Harrison. 

That camera will help them to pick up body temperatures while searching for fugitives or missing persons.

“The infrared will be huge when someone is lying down and maybe concealing themselves, we can maybe pick up on that heat temperature that the naked eye couldn’t see,” said Sheriff Harrison.

This $36,000 drone has two separate cameras and can be flown up to 400 feet by those deputies certified by the FAA.

This unmanned aerial system will help the Gulf County Sheriff’s Office in more ways than one.

“Water rescues, when we have a missing persons that may be on the river, or in the salt waters, we can use that. If we’re chasing a suspect, we can zoom in on them to see whether they have weapons or not, keep our guys safe out there,” said Sheriff Harrison.

They were able to utilize the drone just recently.

“We were notified by the Franklin County Sheriff’s office as a young man missing over there, we went over to assist them and spent a couple of hours of flight time searching for him, thankfully he was returned home,” said Sheriff Harrison.

The drone also has the ability to record and playback video that can be used to solve and assist with cases.