CAPE SAN BLAS, Fla. (WMBB) — For a moment a fisherman became the prey during a scary incident on Cape San Blas Thursday.

A nearly six-foot sandbar shark bit a Tallahassee man on the leg while he was shark-fishing with his friends.

Courtesy Blake Freeman

“We were just fishing out here and we caught a shark,” fellow fisherman Blake Freeman said. “It was probably five or six feet and we dehooked it, was going to turn it loose and the guy was kinda in the water right there at the shelf where the water breaks and he went to grab his tail because he was spinning around and he slipped and wound up underneath the shark.”

Freeman said they have been coming to the area for years and that this incident is no cause for concern.

“It wasn’t a shark attack like everybody is saying online by no means,” Freeman said. “We weren’t out there swimming with the sharks, it wasn’t none of that.”

Freeman said that he and his friends even tag the sharks for NOAA so they can track the sharks’ growth and location.

“There are always going to be sharks in saltwater and they live here as well,” said Tyler Matney the owner of Scallop Cove, a local bait shop. “It’s not a big concern. My kids play on the beach a lot. And I’m out playing in the water all the time. And it’s not something we can concern ourselves with a lot. But obviously, being aware and being safe is important. And if you are a shark fishing, you need to be really careful because you have now brought that threat right up to your lap.”

The victim received over 50 stitches and a gash in his leg.

He’s being treated at a Bay County hospital and should be released soon.