BONIFAY, Fla. (WMBB) — Gov. Ron DeSantis stopped by Holmes and Washington County on Thursday to announce hurricane recovery funds for Panhandle counties. 

Nine Panhandle counties will receive $12 million in funds. 

“He made it loud and clear as he outlined out his commitment to the recovery of northwest Florida from Hurricane Michael, to the point where his very first full day in office he was boots on the ground here,” Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis said. “So it’s nice to see that commitment here three years later still exists strong and well.”

Bay County will receive more than $2 million in hurricane relief funds. Lynn Haven will receive more than $1 million. Gulf and Jackson County will each receive more than $1 million as well. 

“We knew there were some things that were needed right away, but we also knew these were long-term recovery efforts,” DeSantis said. 

Money will be used to continue the restoration of areas after Hurricane Michael, but funds will also be allocated to prevent future hurricanes.

Low-income locals will also receive help through the funds. 

“We’ve done about a million dollars so far, that’s helped over 350 households,” DeSantis said. “With this program, these funds could support another 1,200 families across the northwest Florida region.”