PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Changes could be coming to a highly anticipated attraction in Panama City Beach.

The Duplin Winery is reportedly selling as much as 20 acres of land to a developer for an apartment complex.

Glades Homeowner’s Association President, Tom Trossen, said residents were initially excited about their new neighbor, Duplin Winery.

“We were going to have a great attraction that we could walk to or drive our golf carts to, to get to this winery and we thought that was the best solution possible for this parcel of land,” Trossen said.

But now, Trossen said the winery owners are possibly selling 20 acres of that land to a developer for a 267 unit apartment complex.

Neighbors are concerned about the infrastructure and the amount of traffic a complex that size could bring to their quiet community.

“What we’re asking for is per the land development code, having the primary access to this new apartment complex to come off of Highway 98, Back Beach Road,” Trossen said.

Trossen said as of right now, the main entrances to the apartment would be on Coyote Pass. Some neighbors like Tina Brown are okay with the development, but want it to be done safely.

“We understand growth and development, we understand building,” Brown said. “I get that. It’s gonna happen. However I do feel the city needs to implement the rules that are already in place so that we can continue to live in our great neighborhood.”

The Duplin Winery was supposed to feature vineyards. However, if the land sale goes through, Trossen believes the apartments would take the place of the vineyards.

News 13 requested documents from Panama City Beach officials about the possible apartments. The city responded with emails confirming the developer’s plans to build an apartment complex on the golf course site.

Duplin Winey President, Jonathan Fussell, responded to our request for an interview and said he’d talk to us once everything settles down.

The residents are expected to bring up the issue at tomorrow’s Panama City Beach City Council meeting.