PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Girls interested in STEM careers gathered at FSU Panama City on Saturday for a STEM event. Panels, labs and booths were available for girls to explore. 

“The field is very male-driven and a lot of males pursue that degree,” Breiana Leingang, an FSU PC civil engineering student said. “And we want to get females into it. It holds more opportunities that women don’t know about by being the minority in that degree. So you get like scholarship opportunities, your pay is going to be better off.”

Some girls decided to come to the event after hearing about it from their teachers.

“My science teacher was talking about it. She was like “I know some girls in our grade are really good at science, and she came to me,” eighth-grader Ava Frewin said. “So I thought this looked cool.”

Frewin was interested in learning more about forensic science. Her friend, Emma Hayes was hoping to learn more about architecture.

“One of the booths here actually have a station where you can build things out of toothpicks and jelly beans or gummies,” Hayes said.

Almost 100 girls attended the STEM event. 

“I hope by the time they leave they’re all going to be interested in STEM program(s),” Leingang said.