FWC Bear-Wise Campaign begins as bear activity increases this fall

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – Ahead of winter, black bears throughout the Panhandle will be more active then they have been all year as they forage for food.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission launched their “Bear-Wise” campaign last week to help raise awareness around bear activity in the fall and how to coexist.

FWC spokeswoman Bekah Nelson says the Bear-Wise campaign comes just in time for the most active part of bear season,

“Yeah bears are typically more active in the fall they are trying to store up more calories for the winter so they’ll typically need about 20,000 calories per day and a lot of times garbage is an easier way to consume those calories so that’s why people will see them in the neighborhoods just trying to find things that are easier to access then foraging in the woods.”

She says there are few easy measures one can take to help…

“You can secure your trash can until the morning of pick up, rather then putting it our the night before, some other things that you can do are like keep it in a garage or a sturdy shed.”

The FWC says that having bear safe locks on your trash cans as well as removing any pet food or bird seed from your property are really the best ways to deter bears from your neighborhood.

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