FSU PC Nuclear Science Camp goes virtual

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — COVID-19 is moving many things to the virtual space for safety and that now includes the Nuclear Science and Medicine Camp at FSU PC here in Panama City.

The third annual camp is four days long, and 8th thru 11th grade students will log in each day from 9am -3pm and actually be able to perform the science experiments right from their home.

Each student will go home with a box of experiment supplies and will conduct hands-on projects each day.

“Big funders of this camp are the National Nuclear Security Administration. And their desire is to make sure that we are producing students that are our local homegrown students that can go into nuclear science. One of the important parts of that is to prepare them while they’re in high school to help them build those foundational skills so when they go to college they can be successful in a nuclear science major,” said Science Teacher Denise Newsome.

Students involved will learn about radioactivity as well as participating in virtual tours of hospitals and medical labs.

Science Teacher Denise Newsome says she hopes this camp re-ignites students’ passion for learning.

“I’m hoping that it’s going to excite them about nuclear science and the importance of different stem fields and hopefully they’ll want to go to college and major in either nuclear science or physics. Our goal is to help them not be intimidated by these science words that seem like ‘oh, I could never do that.’ hopefully this will make it more accessible to all of our students,” said Newsome.

Each student will arrive on Monday to pick up their box of supplies and begin the virtual camp at 11 am.

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