FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — In Franklin County most crimes that occur all lead back to one drug — meth.

On Thursday the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said they shut down a major meth house in the community.

Judy Lee Chambers, 48, along with five others were arrested.

“It’s a place we have been in the past within the last couple of years. The same lady, Judy Chambers, was arrested for keeping a drug house, selling drugs, and now she’s been at it again, Franklin County Sheriff, A.J. Smith said.

Nearly all of the inmates in the Franklin County jail are there because of drugs, whether it’s for selling, using, or committing crimes to get drugs, he added.

Deputies found drug paraphernalia in the house including a needle full of liquid meth.

Smith said they are still looking for Jeffrey Nowling, 32, and Carrie Richards who are wanted for allegedly selling drugs at the house.

“This kind of behavior is not going to be tolerated,” Smith said. “I mean they just freely come and go there, sell drugs, use drugs and it’s really just a sad situation.”

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office offers rehabilitation to those who want to stop using drugs, but he said if people aren’t willing to get help they’ll have to face the consequences.

“If you don’t and we catch you with drugs we are going to put you in jail,” Smith said. “Because the community is tired of it and we are tired of it.”

Smith said he hopes Thursday’s raid will make progress in the community in the fight against the meth epidemic.

Here is who was charged in the case:

Judy Lee Chambers, 48, was charged with drugs, possession, possession of meth with intent to sell/manufacture/deliver; public order crimes- keep public nuisance structure for drug activity; drug- possession, methamphetamine within 1000ft of a worship house/business; public order crimes, keep public nuisance structure for drug activity.

Mary Ruth Wetzel, 52, was charged with drugs-health or safety, possession of harmful new legend drug without a prescription.

Josephine Michelle Givan, 46, was charged with drugs, possession, possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell/manufacture/deliver.

Jason Curtis Shuman, 48, was charged with drugs, deliver/distribute methamphetamine within 1000 ft of a worship house/business.

Mark Paul Sanders, 42, was charged with drug equipment, possession and/or use. 

Jennifer Larkin, 39, was charged with amphetamine, sell-schedule II or III or IV; barbiturate, sell, schedule II or III or IV.